About Us

The PetsTucker name has been around the region for the past 40 years, being suppliers to leading greyhound breeders and owners, boarding kennels, cattery and dog and cat breeders. We have quietly built a reputation that breeders and pet owners trust, grey hound owners or emotionally attached animals owners continue supporting our pet food. We ourselves own and train working dogs (sheep & goats) and our pet Labrador Toby, mischievous Beagle Kuta, Princess Luna who is a Samoyed and not to forget our puppy St Bernard Boston who is a favourite at our Broken Hill store.

The owners of Pets Tucker are experienced meat industry people with 55 years in export abattoirs, boning rooms, and kangaroo plants we have accreditation proficiency certificate in Ausmeat, HACCP control, hygiene management.

Product entering our plant is audited against our accredited food safe program.

80% of our product is sourced from human consumption plants in south Australia other products are from accredited food safe accredited establishments we take great pride and pleasure supplying nutritious fresh meat, treats, cooked meat loafs to dogs and cats of all breeds.

We are accredited with food safe South Australia number 4-132.

Happy, healthy and well-groomed pets.

Our policy is simple:

What is on the label is in the product.
All Natural goodness.
No more no less.